Why Technique is the Most Important Part of Working Out

How many times have you seen the following situation? Someone is working out intensely at the gym, but they are using the wrong technique on almost every exercise!

It is such a common experience. People think that because you are lifting more or complete more reps, you are killing your workout. The truth is that you are just killing your body!

Workout Technique Matters

There is a reason why gym trainers spend so much time on the mechanics of different exercises. The way that you perform exercises matters even more than how much weight you are using or the reps you are completing.

The right technique works your muscles in the optimum way. It strikes the balance between building your muscle mass and strength, while ensuring that you are not damaging those or other muscles in your body.

Learn Proper Technique

squat technique

If you are not sure about the right technique, just ask a trainer at the gym. Say you are unsure about your squat technique. Instead of continuing to do it wrong, just go up to someone and ask them to critique your technique. They will tell you where you are going wrong. And then you can continue squatting – but now you will be doing it the right way!

Want Gains? Do Exercises the Right Way

If you are desperate to gain more muscle mass and strength, you should care even more about technique. Lifting 50 lbs. for 10×3 sets with the right technique will give you more gains than lifting 75 lbs. for 10×3 sets with bad technique.

When you have bad technique, you are taking shortcuts. You are working the wrong muscles. Even if you can lift that heavier weight, you are not focusing on the right muscle groups with the exercise, which means you will not see the gains that you want!